Solving the Sales Tax Mystery in 5 Easy Steps

Strategically, sales tax compliance may not be widely understood, but it doesn’t have to be mysterious. Sales tax compliance is a process which balances risk and cost. This five step approach is offered for finance and accounting professionals looking to return to sales tax compliance:

  • Identify sales tax nexus
  • Determine taxability of your products/services
  • Quantify the approximate level of historical sales tax exposure
  • Determine your strategy for coming into compliance
  • Implement your strategy

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Sales Tax Nexus Pitfalls

Unrecognized sales tax nexus can result in severe assessments and can block an acquisition due to the exposure.  In an effort to increase their sales tax collections, states continue to push the boundaries on what constitutes sales tax nexus.  Don't be surprised - be informed.  This one hour webinar will cover:
  • 5 common mistakes regarding sales tax nexus and how to avoid them
  • Why sales tax nexus matters when drop shipping to customers
  • An update on the Marketplace Fairness Act (aka the Internet sales tax)

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Sales Tax Audits

Sales tax audits can represent a significant distraction to a small or medium sized business or to a larger corporate tax department with limited resources. This webinar will help identify how to manage and streamline your next sales tax audit, including:
  • Maintaining compliance documentation
  • Controlling what information gets shared with the auditor
  • Advice on where to push back and where to compromise
  • Determining the best audit approach - whether it's a block or sampling approach

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5 Steps to Sales Tax Compliance

Deciding how to become sales tax compliant can be very confusing - especially if you've not collected sales tax in the past. This webinar will outline 5 key steps to ensure you have minimized the sales tax risk in your business.

  •     Determine your sales tax nexus footprint
  •     Understand the taxability of your products and services
  •     Quantify your potential prior period exposure
  •     Develop a remediation game plan
  •     Execute your strategy

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Sales Tax Nexus - The Key To Understanding Sales Tax

Sales tax nexus is the cornerstone to understanding your sales tax compliance obligations.  Without sales tax nexus, a business has no need to collect or remit sales tax.  In this webinar you will learn the following:

  • 5 common mistakes regarding sales tax nexus and how to avoid them
  • Why sales tax nexus matters when drop shipping to customers
  • An update on the Marketplace Fairness Act,aka the Internet sales tax

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Transitioning Your Sales Tax Outsourcing Service

From time to time, sales tax outsourcing relationships fail to work properly and a change is necessary.  This webinar is based on our experience working with hundreds of clients that have switched service providers.  We’ve assembled this webinar to help you work through the process in a professional, orderly, effective, low stress fashion. This webinar includes the following topics:

  • Evaluating the effectiveness of your current sales tax outsourcing service 
  • Understanding when a change is necessary
  • Implementing steps to ensure an orderly transition

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Establishing a Sales Tax Compliance Process with Minimal Risk and Maximum Efficiency

Once you've determined you have a sales tax collection and remittance obligation, how do you manage your sales tax compliance process with minimal risk and maximum efficiency? This webinar will walk you through some of the crucial steps to establish an efficient compliance process, including implementing a tax calculation solution, selecting sales tax compliance software and understanding your tax data.

This 30 minute webinar will also highlight:

  • Registering with Departments of Revenue 
  • Determining whether you should register and file with the local home rule municipalities
  • Understanding when and how to calculate prepayments

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 Voluntary Disclosure Agreements

Voluntary Disclosure Agreements (VDA’s) can be a great tool to help businesses mitigate their prior period sales tax exposure. However, a VDA may not be right for every situation. The one hour webinar will address the follwoing questions and more:
  • What factors dictate whether you should enter into a VDA?
  • What if your customers have already paid at least some of the tax to the states?
  • What are the pitfalls of “doing-it-yourself” vs. approaching the state(s) anonymously?

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