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Software and technology companies have historically considered themselves fairly insulated from multistate sales and use taxes. Now that is not always the case.

Many states impose sales and use tax on a variety of services including Software-as-a-Service that could impact your business. And as taxability rules continue to change due to  states realizing the revenue they can gain from out-of-state sales tax collection, you could be further impacted in the months and years to come. 

Is your business more impacted by sales and use tax than you thought? With TaxConnex, we can take sales tax off your plate by providing a service to help you:

Determine Sales Tax


Understand where you have nexus and where your products/services are considered taxable.

Manage Ongoing



You get us the data, we handle the rest. We manage the filing and remittance of tax, state registrations, jurisdictional correspondence and more!

Dedicated Support




We align each of our clients with a dedicated practitioner to provide ongoing support. We focus on service first.

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Don't take our word for it.

Hear about our results from our clients themselves in these case studies.

  • Software Company Achieves Tax Compliance Through a VDA

    This growing software company was preparing funding from outside investors but panicked at the realization that they had only been collecting sales tax in their home state, New York. Fully aware that potential investors would evaluate their financial and legal standing, this lead to the software company reaching out to a sales tax professional at TaxConnex.

    Read Full Case Study

  • WorthPoint: Managing Growing Economic Nexus

    WorthPoint knew their sales tax obligation would be expanding dramatically, but with no internal bandwidth to devote to the issue, they needed outside support. They turned to TaxConnex to take the sales tax process off their plate. 

    Read Full Case Study

  • Creatacor Switches From an Automated Solution

    This software development company was using an automated system to file their sales tax, but the system itself was unable to integrate changing sales tax requirements when filing. TaxConnex provided a sales tax practitioner to keep up with the changing sales tax notices and directly file for the company where they had obligations. 

    Read Full Case Study

  • Technology Solutions Provider With Rapidly Expanding Nexus

    This technology solutions company found their expanding economic nexus growing faster than they could keep up with their compliance. Their growing economic footprint led them to leverage TaxConnex's white-glove financial services.

    Read Full Case Study

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