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Over 10,000 taxing jurisdictions - many have their own unique set of rules and interpretations

Expansion into new states, changing tax laws, new product launches, and acquisitions make taxability decisions challenging.  There are over 10,000 taxing jurisdictions and many have their own unique set of rules and interpretations.  Lack of sales tax on a product or service appropriately could lead to significant exposure over time.

Take the following example:

  • Product / Service A is not taxed, but in reality should have been taxed. 
  • Year 1 sales total $100,000 and grows 20% per-year over a three year period. 
  • That’s $364,000 of sales over a three year period. 
  • With an average tax rate of 8%, that’s over $29,000 of uncollected tax. 

An additional penalty and interest assessment would take the total exposure to close to $40,000.  That’s a tough number for almost any business to cough up.

With TaxConnex, you get all the backup – From keeping up with ever-changing tax regulations to actually sending in the payments, now you’ve got someone who will do it all for you, and do it right. Only TaxConnex delivers all of this. Whatever your sales tax obligations, with TaxConnex, now it’s all on us.


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