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Compliance for telecom and specifically VoIP service providers is one of the most difficult to understand. Add to that, the total “tax” burden often exceeds 30%, making communications services one of the most heavily taxed industries. Let TaxConnex take this burden off your plate with our ongoing telecom management. We are experts when it comes to navigating taxes associated with the telecom industry. We can help you: 

Determine Sales


Understand where you have nexus and where your products/services are considered taxable.

Manage Ongoing


You get us the data, we handle the rest. We manage the filing and remittance of tax, state registrations, jurisdictional correspondence, e911 fees and more. 

Dedicated Support




We align each of our clients with a dedicated practitioner to provide ongoing support. We focus on service first.


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webinar replay - understanding regulatory fees, taxes, and related cost recovery charges

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Don't take our word for it.

Hear about our results from our clients themselves in these case studies.

  • NHC's Compliance Needs Grow as Product Line Expands

    Not only did their geographic footprint for taxation grew, NHC's product set grew from traditional-based telecommunications tax to more complex taxes with all new regulations and decisions that came with taxing those products. NHC needed guidance on how to handle this and turned to TaxConnex.

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  • VoIP Provider Facing Unexpected Audit

    The responsibilities of managing tax for telecom companies is larger than in most industries. This company found out the hard way when they faced an unexpected audit. Then they turned to TaxConnex to correct their previous noncompliance.

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  • Satellite Communications Company Solves Nexus Woes

    Adding new products to your lineup can cause issues related to compliance. This telecom company found out the hard way that they had new responsibilities when adding VoIP services to their business. Luckily TaxConnex is very experienced with telecom and VoIP compliance and was easily able to step in and help them get a process started.

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  • Fast-Growing Telecom Company Sick of Missed Notices

    When support from one of the Big Four started slipping on the managing of their transaction tax management for one telecom company, they turned to TaxConnex for dedicated support and expertise to keep them compliant.

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  • VoIP Provider Has Sales Tax Taken Off Their Plate Completely

    "I know we've said it before, but I'll say it again, you (and TaxConnex in general) have been one of our favorite vendors to work with!   You've been such a delight to work with, and have taken the burden of tax compliance off of our plates entirely.  [TaxConnex] has made managing it from our end so simple and effortless. "

    - Stephanie Teichman – VP of Finance – OnSIP

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