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Looking for a better way to manage your sales tax obligations?

Here’s what you get when it’s all on us:


Sales Tax Filings and Payments

Many businesses claim to manage it all for you but end up only handling your filings; the rest is on you. With TaxConnex, you send us the data, we ensure your data and filings are paid on time, in addition to handling everything else.


Notice Management

Jurisdictions enjoy sending you mail and it can be a costly mistake if not responded to appropriately. With TaxConnex, notices are on us. We act as your connection between states and your business and ensure your process is up to date and all notices are responded to.


Penalty and Interest Indemnification

If you get us the data and money on time, the rest is up to us. An incorrect filing or late payment that causes penalty and/or interest, that’s on us. How many providers can say that?


Sales Tax Registrations

Sales tax registrations are completed at the Department of Revenue within each state and can take quite a bit of time and effort to complete. By partnering with TaxConnex, we manage this process for you; ensuring they are done correctly and that you make the best decisions for your business.


Ad-hoc Sales Tax Support

No add-on costs here. TaxConnex's ongoing sales tax compliance services include a dedicated practitioner to work with your business to ensure your sales tax needs are met. No 1-800, take-a-number calls from us. Your service is our number one priority.

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TaxConnex acts as your outsourced sales tax division.

We don't claim to simplify sales tax, we actually take it off your plate.


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Important Links

What to Know About the Wayfair Case

nexus determination-1-3-1

Wayfair changed
sales tax forever.
Learn how.

State taxes are changing in a major way for retailers and other vendors.

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Intricacies of Sales Tax Taxability

notice management

If your products/services are not taxable, then you have no sales tax obligation.

Unfortunately, taxability is just as confusing as the rest of sales tax. Download our eBook on some of the intricacies. 

Download the eBook

Guide to Economic Nexus Standards

Economic Nexus Map July 2021

Review a list of the states in which you may have economic nexus.

Learn what activities create sales tax nexus.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

“The uniqueness is the fact that TaxConnex is a one stop shop. I’ve been in touch with several other providers, all of whom offer a suite of services at far more expensive rates and with different people for each issue I have. With TaxConnex, I have one person who’s responsible for everything I need.”
Mark Kost
CFO, HCI Cleaning Products
“TaxConnex will register companies in different states for us. They'll handle the returns for us. They handle the payments for us, they will handle the notices. So it's a complete package as far as I'm concerned.”
Cheryl Solaris
“I love TaxConnex and glad I was able to work with the company. Their services are compatible with Avalara, OneSource, and Vertex, but less cost and more personalized service. "
Tracy Terwilliger
Previous TaxConnex client


Client Retention Rate


Billion in Tax Liability Managed in 2020

NPS Score (Industry Average is 34)

Happy Clients



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