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Has the automation machine let you down again? 

Sales tax is too complicated for a software or machine to manage alone

Let the real experts at TaxConnex manage your compliance process for you!

Software vs. Service

Let's be honest, you aren't necessarily looking for an automated process, just something, or someone, to take sales tax off your plate. TaxConnex's online tax service support has you covered. We're service-centric which means you always get personal dedicated support because nothing can replace a human touch.

2023 Service Comparison


“As a small business owner, there are only so many hours in the day and so many things you can do, so if you can hand off a portion of those tasks to someone who’s an expert and they can just handle it, that’s incredible. That makes [TaxConnex] a really valuable service.”
Mary O'Brien
Nautilus Puzzles
“We considered automated solutions, but an API connector can’t solve everything. We needed experienced guidance on when sales tax becomes a worry and when to start reporting and collecting from customers. Having [a personal practitioner] to talk to that actually knows your business is extremely valuable.”
Mike Kelley
MaxPro Fitness
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“The main value I see from TaxConnex, is peace of mind with managing our sales tax obligations and knowing we have best-in-class processes in place to show the various states and jurisdictions that we want to be compliant.”
Cori Hornbeck
Granite City Electric Supply