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Sales tax is really all on us.

Sales tax is a pass-through tax,  yet you are still left with the cost, liability and risk to manage the obligation.  If you’re still managing sales tax internally, or your current outsourcing provider is letting you down, you could be putting your business at risk and adding extra burdens to your staff.


With TaxConnex, we actually remove that burden and liability.  Let us manage the hard stuff so you and your team can get back to the important stuff.  See the difference TaxConnex can make.


Now it’s all on us


We are experts

Sales tax is complicated and ever changing. With TaxConnex, sales tax compliance is not just an "add-on", it's what our business was built to solve. Backed by over 20 years of sales tax expertise, with TaxConnex, sales tax is all on us. 


Leave the liability and risk to us

Be sure to read between the lines. Oftentimes vendors will leave the liability and risk associated with sales tax on you, even if they are the ones that make the mistake. When you work with TaxConnex, it's all on us, and that includes the liability and risk. 


Get rid of the DIY model

With many software companies, the sales tax compliance part is a Do-It-Yourself project. You tell the vendor what to do, you monitor and resolve the notices from the states, and you update your tax calendar if there’s a change. With TaxConnex, you can leave it all to us, and we’ll let you know when you need to take action.


The support you really need

Which works best for you - a customer support line and ticket system to get your questions answered a month down the road, or a dedicated tax professional assigned to your business to support you as needed? It's your choice, but we know what we'd pick. 


Flexibility to match your business

Sales tax is not a simple, repeatable process. Don't get stuck working with someone who won't give you the flexibility required to change with the evolving world of sales tax compliance. TaxConnex works with your business to find the best fit and schedule to meet your specific needs. 


The white glove service you deserve

Just like in other things, with sales tax compliance, you get what you pay for. Our services are delivered through a network of highly-skilled, CPA-trained practitioners who work with you as a dedicated resource. You are not just a number to us, we'll be an extension of your team. 

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Here's what you get when it's all on us

Outsourcing Services

Their Way

TaxConnex® Way

Return Preparation and Filing


Sales Tax Registrations and Renewals


Ad-Hoc Support
Access to Sales Tax Professionals
Postage and Processing Fees
Integrated Payment Process
Some vendors don't process payments at all - others use a third party payment processor
One-Price Guarantee
A la carte Add-ons
Dedicated, Reliable Point of Contact
Frequent turnover
Annual SOC Report for Process Integrity
Depends on Provider


Flexible Engagements
Rigid Process


The Difference

No Add-On's


Client Retention Rate


Billion in Tax Liability Managed in 2023 (1.7B)

NPS Score (Industry Average is 39)

Happy Clients


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