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You’re just looking for where to start and even that can be too much. By working with an expert for sales tax assistance, like TaxConnex, we can take that off your plate. We help you with sales tax advice:

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Understand where you have nexus and where your products/services are considered taxable.

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You get us the data, we handle the rest. We manage the filing and remittance of tax, state registrations, jurisdictional correspondence and more!

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Common Sales Tax Challenges

Tracking Where You Have Nexus

Nexus is the connection you have between a state or local taxing jurisdiction. Without nexus, you have no sales tax obligation. Nexus is determined by either a physical or economic presence. Tracking it isn’t always easy though. 

Ever since economic nexus was enacted in 2018, states have been changing their thresholds and how to qualify.  When you work with TaxConnex, we can help you identify where you have nexus and help you monitor your footprint going forward. 

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Understanding Taxability

Once you’ve determined nexus, you need to determine if your products and/or services are taxable. For some, this is an easy answer. But for many industries, the answer is not so straightforward. Just like with nexus, states differ in their taxability laws.  

TaxConnex can perform a taxability review to help you understand where your products or services are taxable and help you manage this as your business grows (expansion into new states, changing laws, new product launches and mergers or acquisitions). 

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Establishing a Calculation and Remittance Process 

Determining the most effective sales tax calculation process comes with many variables to consider: where you have nexus, the complexity of the taxability of your products/services, whether your invoices are recurring to the same customers each month, and the capabilities and limitations of your invoicing system. Some businesses can manage the calculation of sales tax without separate sales tax software systems. Other businesses will benefit from a tax rate-only solution, while other more complex taxing schemes will require sales tax software. TaxConnex can help you determine which option is best for you. 

Calculating sales tax is only part of the challenge. How do you build a process to file the returns and remit payment? Filing and remittance solutions will need to accommodate multiple data files and formats, e-file and paper returns, electronic payments and checks, notice management and resolution, tax calendar updates, and an audit trail to minimize penalty assessments. 

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Navigating Prior Period Exposure 

If you haven’t been collecting and remitting sales tax but have a responsibility to do so, it’s very possible you’ve developed some prior period exposure.  The longer you’ve neglected your obligation, the larger the amount owed (and penalties and fees) will be. But, there are options.  

TaxConnex can help you calculate your prior period exposure and guide you to make the right decision in how to mitigate your exposure and create a process to move forward in compliance.  

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“The main value I see from TaxConnex, is peace of mind with managing our sales tax obligations and knowing we have best-in-class processes in place to show the various states and jurisdictions that we want to be compliant."
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