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Alternative to Avalara?

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Avalara has its place. It has a great tool for calculation. And depending on your sales tax obligations, it may make sense to use its automation returns solution as well. But for many businesses, an automated returns solution is not enough – leaving a lot of the work to you.
With TaxConnex, we act as your outsourced sales tax department. Our services include the following:


  Return preparation and filing as well as payment services – including all state and local transaction tax returns
  Washington Business + Occupations Tax, Ohio Commercial Activities Tax, and other "non-sales tax" returns
  A dedicated practitioner whom you have direct access to via email and phone
     Domestic resources to support you during critical business hours
  Ad-hoc sales tax consulting and support
  A risk-free guarantee where we cover your penalties and interest

Determine Sales Tax


Understand where you have nexus and where your products/services are considered taxable.

Manage Ongoing



You get us the data, we handle the rest. We manage the filing and remittance of tax, state registrations, jurisdictional correspondence and more!

Dedicated Support




We align each of our clients with a dedicated practitioner to provide ongoing support. We focus on service first.

Common Challenges with an Automated Solution

Compliance is an Afterthought

Automated solutions were built to help you with your sales tax calculations, and for that, they're great, but everything else is just an afterthought for them. TaxConnex is comprised of sales tax experts, all with your service and experience at the top of what they do. We ensure your ongoing compliance is managed from your tax calendar to responding to notices, to ensuring everything is accurate and paid on time. 

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Lack of Support

Are you sick of calling a 1-800 number and being told we’ll create a ticket? And possibly never hearing back. Yeah, that won’t happen with us.

TaxConnex partners you with an experienced practitioner who is dedicated to your business and to help answer your questions, not leave you hanging.  

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Not Customized to Your Business

Sales tax is different for every business. Different businesses manage their sales tax obligations in different ways, they have different systems, and different risk tolerances. A one-size-fits-all solution doesn't work.

At TaxConnex we work with you to ensure your individual business needs are taken care of and ensure the results you get are what you’re looking for.



Switching Providers Will Take Too Long

We frequently hear concerns about how difficult it is to switch from one sales tax provider to another.  The reality is that it’s usually not as difficult as you expect. If you're currently outsourced, you've likely already done all of the heavy lifting of determining nexus, setting up tax calculation process, and registering with the taxing jurisdictions. With this "foundation" in place, it can be moved to another provider in a matter of a couple of weeks.

Making the switch to TaxConnex is simple. Learn more about the steps to make an easy transition by listening to this quick webinar our CEO hosted last year.

“The uniqueness is the fact that TaxConnex is a one stop shop. I’ve been in touch with several other providers, all of whom offer a suite of services at far more expensive rates and with different people for each issue I have. With TaxConnex, I have one person who’s responsible for everything I need.”
Mark Kost
Force of Nature (HCI Cleaning Products)


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