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Sales Tax On Your Own? 

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 Sales tax is complex.
And it's not getting any easier. 


You understand your sales tax obligation and you’ve been managing it on your own, you think you have it handled until you don’t.  It happened, you gothe dreaded audit notification, or you’re trusted sales tax expert has decided to retire, or you or your team just have too much going on to spend the time needed to manage sales tax correctly.


There is an easier way – sales tax can easily be outsourced to save you time, money and risk. We help you:

Determine Sales Tax


Understand where you have nexus and where your products/services are considered taxable.

Manage Ongoing



You get us the data, we handle the rest. We manage the filing and remittance of tax, state registrations, jurisdictional correspondence and more!

Dedicated Support




We align each of our clients with a dedicated practitioner to provide ongoing support. We focus on service first.

Common Sales Tax Challenges

Understanding All the Nuances of Sales Tax Compliance

While nexus determination is the first step to understanding your sales tax compliance requirements, it is not the last step. Maintaining sales tax compliance includes a variety of things outside of nexus including (but not limited to), responding to notices, maintaining a tax calendar, reporting, and filing to appropriate jurisdictions. If you don't have a dedicated person who is experienced in this area to manage this, you could be at risk of errors or just overburdening good employees. 

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Mergers, Acquisitions, or New Product Lines

Changes within a business are inevitable. But the addition of new products, new business acquisitions or mergers with a new company can cause a huge strain on staff and can have a considerable impact on your sales tax obligations.  

TaxConnex has experienced it all. We apply our years of expertise to help you best manage the changes that come with your business and ensure you remain compliant.

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Unexpected Audit

That unexpected audit notice landing on your desk can really take your breath a way, and not in a good way.  An audit can really throw a wrench in normal business operations and take time away from valuable staff to manage the process.  

TaxConnex uses its years of experience and relationships to manage sales and use tax audits for you.  Whether helping to ensure your business is in the right spot before you get audited, or helping you through an audit, TaxConnex provides audit defense and sales tax management support services to help you determine your best approach.

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Getting the Support You Need

One of the major benefits of having an internal person or team manage your sales tax is that you have someone readily available when something like sales tax issues pop up. But often sales tax is not their main priority or they don’t have the expertise and experience to understand all the nuances of sales tax.  

When TaxConnex becomes your outsourced sales tax department, we partner you with an experienced practitioner who is dedicated to your business and to help remove the burden of sales tax. They utilize our proprietary software, Connexion™, to ensure your business maintains compliance. 

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"I know we've said it before, but I'll say it again, you (and TaxConnex in general) have been one of our favorite vendors to work with! You've been such a delight to work with, and have taken the burden of tax compliance off of our plates entirely. [TaxConnex] has made managing it from our end so simple and effortless."
Stephanie Teichman
VP of Finance
“TaxConnex was instrumental in removing the administrative burden placed on our team to manage all our sales and telecom tax obligations internally. By outsourcing to TaxConnex, we were able to free up our staff to focus on more value adding activities while trusting our tax was handled."
Irene Peterson
VP of Tax at Masergy Communications, Inc.


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