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You have options when it comes to a trusted sales tax outsourcing provider.  

TaxConnex is a technology-enabled sales tax outsourcing provider. We are not an automated solution. We pride ourselves on the services we provide and the focus we put on our customers.  

No matter the reason you’re looking to make a change, TaxConnex has had a client experience it and we’re ready to utilize our years of expertise to ensure sales tax is taken off your plate. We can offer you sales tax help:
Determine Sales Tax


Understand where you have nexus and where your products/services are considered taxable.

Manage Ongoing



You get us the data, we handle the rest. We manage the filing and remittance of tax, state registrations, jurisdictional correspondence and more!

Dedicated Support




We align each of our clients with a dedicated practitioner to provide ongoing support. We focus on service first.

Common Sales Tax Challenges

Switching Providers Will Take Too Long

We frequently hear concerns about how difficult it is to switch from one sales tax provider to another.  The reality is that it’s usually not as difficult as you expect. If you're currently outsourced, you've likely already done all of the heavy lifting of determining nexus, setting up tax calculation process, and registering with the taxing jurisdictions. With this "foundation" in place, it can be moved to another sales tax provider in a matter of a couple of weeks.

Making the switch to TaxConnex is simple. Learn more about the steps to make an easy transition by listening to this quick webinar our CEO hosted last year.


Not Customized to Your Business

Sales tax is different for every business. Different businesses manage their sales tax obligations in different ways, they have different systems, and different risk tolerances. A one-size-fits-all solution doesn't work.

At TaxConnex we work with you to ensure your individual business needs are taken care of and ensure the results you get are what you’re looking for.


We've Grown Too Large for Our Current Provider

There are many ways to outgrow a provider; mergers, new products, growth in sales, etc... All of these things can impact your sales tax obligations and for a provider that doesn’t specialize in sales tax, it can be quite the project to ensure you remain compliant.  

Not with TaxConnex, we will help you as you grow. We have years of expertise in many industries and have helped clients through many business changes. We ensure we stay on top of your nexus and taxability, so you don’t have to. And when something pops up, we have your back.  


Errors and Missed Notices

Sales tax is a lot to manage, and when you work with an automated solution or a business whose first priority is not on sales tax, it’s easy to miss a step. Unfortunately, most, those errors or missed steps, fall back on you to rectify and pay the penalty.  

With TaxConnex, we’ve got you covered. We’ll register your business in the appropriate jurisdictions, keep track of your filing calendar and respond to notices on your behalf. As long as you get us the data and money on time, if an error is made, that’s on us, we’ll pay the penalty and fee, not you.  

"I was skeptical at first hearing about how they could get us caught up and in compliance in nearly 17 states. I had been working on voluntary disclosures with another company for nearly a year with little to no success. This meant they needed to step in and handle over 10 voluntary disclosures, registrations, and back sales tax filings. Immediately we had a team in place, and we were off and running exchanging data and ideas. Within 2 months, nearly all of the voluntary disclosures were taken care of! Our dedicated service rep is in constant communication on our monthly and quarterly filings."
Chris Taphouse
Controller, Covenant Eyes
"Thank you so much for your help through the onboarding and implementation process, it was much easier than expected. I have actually been referring you to many of my colleagues who I work with and have been trying to do the multi-state filing on their own. I told them TaxConnex was probably my #1 smartest move in 2021 for my business!"
Andrew Noteman
President, American Graphics & Sign, Inc.


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