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TaxConnex  Practitioners


On Becoming a Tax Practitioner...

Do you excel in managing detailed, specialized work efficiently?  Becoming a sales tax practitioner may be just the right fit for you.
How does it work? TaxConnex® provides the clients and you become their outsourced sales and use tax department. In our model, you choose your workload and take on as many or as few clients as your time allows. The work is consistent and predictable allowing you to plan your days, months, and year to fit the schedule best for you. 
We invest in your success by giving you all the tools you need, through our proprietary software, Connexion®.  As a practitioner, you can maintain flexible hours in the comfort of your home (or wherever you prefer to work) leveraging the skills and professional designations that you worked hard to obtain and wish to maintain.
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Perks of Practitioner Life

Flexible work schedule

  • Gift of time to own your own schedule, while also meeting jurisdictional deadlines
  • Predictable, can plan ahead
  • You choose your workload - as many or as few clients as you can manage
  • Work wherever you want. As long as you are available to answer client questions, your physical location doesn't matter.
In fact, we have practitioners across the country!

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Work for Yourself

  • Get the tools you need to start your own business
  • Sales and marketing support from TaxConnex, no business development required
  • Low investment to get started and stay in the game

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Stay Current with Your Skills

  • Keep up the skills you worked hard to earn
  • Sales tax is ever changing, get the support and guidance needed to stay current in a complicated landscape


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Create Stability in Your Professional Life

  • Many of our practitioners have been with TaxConnex for 5+ years
  • In a very unstable job market, work with a company that values stability 
  • Grow with us as a company and become a tax practitioner


"I love that I can have a job and be at home at the same time, and still do the things I want to as a mom."
Cathi J.
"I love working remotely and independently, I'm my own boss at TaxConnex."
Novella M.
"Sales and marketing would be hard for me to do. TaxConnex manages that aspect of my business so I can focus on my clients."
Ann S.
"TaxConnex gives you all the tools to do your job and is very responsive in providing support when needed."
Gail M.
"You can work anywhere and get the job done. Nothing beats that!"
Robyn P.
"TaxConnex gave me the confidence to restart my career, and now I've been here 11 years!"
Fran W.

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