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Five Steps to Sales Tax Compliance



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Discover this proven approach to sales tax compliance

For new or existing companies, this guide details an approach to compliance.  Topics include:

  • Sales Tax Nexus Determination. Learn about this key sales tax issue that wreaks havoc for taxpayers

  • Taxability. Determine the tax treatment of your products and services

  • Exposure Calculation. Start with an estimate and drill down where necessary

  • Go-Forward Strategy. Includes Voluntary Disclosures, Amnesty, and Registration considerations

  • Implementation. Get started now to minimize your risk

Sales Tax Compliance is NOT Simple, nor Static

Based on a recent survey on sales tax trends that TaxConnex conducted, over 49% of businesses are unsatisfied with the way they are managing their sales tax compliance process. The big change in sales tax happened in 2018, we are over 5 years past that big change and businesses still can't figure it out. Why is that? 

The complexities surrounding managing your sales and use tax obligations continue to evolve and perplex businesses of all sizes. More businesses than ever have a multi-state sales tax obligation and are trying to find the best way to balance their cost of sales tax compliance versus the risk of non-compliance. At the heart of finding that perfect balance is understanding the complexities of the ever-changing state and local sales tax landscape.  

Sales tax is not static, it should not be something that you look at once, determine your obligations, and then move on from. As your business grows and evolves, so does your sales and use tax footprint. Whether you are struggling managing compliance on your own, or looking to outsource, or even change outsourced providers. This eBook is a great place to start. 

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