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TaxConnex's Guide to Getting Sales Tax Right

This eBook covers topics such as: 

- Sales tax calculation software 
- Taxability of products/services 
- Voluntary disclosure agreements 
- Sales tax registrations

And more!



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Guide to Getting Sales Tax Right - mock up - eBook


Sales tax doesn't have to be overwhelming but it's far from simple. 

Here are some key items to understand:

  • Sales Tax Calculation Software/Service. Do you really need sales tax calculation software?
  • Sales Tax Nexus.  What is sales tax nexus and does it matter?
  • Taxability of Products/Services. Are my products/services taxable?
  • Voluntary Disclosure Agreements (VDA). Is a VDA right for me?
  • Sales Tax Registrations. What's involved in a sales tax registration?
  • Establishing a Tax Compliance Filing Process. What's involved in managing your return filing process
  • Questions to Ask your Potential Tax Compliance Partner