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An Update on Sales Tax Holidays

Consumers in some US states are gearing up for an annual shopping holiday free from sales tax.

Sales Tax News from Around the Country

As a business owner, you are already familiar with the seemingly ever-changing tax laws.  Federal, state, and local tax changes are difficult to follow.  If you engage in interstate commerce, keeping up with the changes in each location is nearly...

A Sales Tax Holiday for Weed?

Weed Wednesday

In Colorado, “Back to School” sales tax holidays are so passé. Fast forward to 2015 where sales tax holidays are for more than teachers, parents and students – that’s right, everyone who uses Marijuana recreationally or medically...

Sales Tax Holidays - Love Them or Hate Them?

Shoppers love sales tax holidays and while it may bring them into stores and online to shop, it can also be a nightmare for retailers. Although controversial at times, there is no doubt these tax-free incentives drive up revenue. Unfortunately,...