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What's Your Favorite Cookie?

As states continue to struggle from declining sales tax collections some states are aggressively expanding the sales tax nexus definition beyond its physical presence requirements under Quill

Cookies Can Now Create Sales Tax Nexus

If your company engages in e-commerce, you have exposure to state sales tax nexus laws in any location where you do business.  Nexus rules change frequently.  Here is the latest news to keep you informed.

Amazon FBA Sellers Responsible for Sales Tax

Many entrepreneurs have entered the electronic commerce industry via Amazon’s FBA program.  With FBA, Amazon acts as the warehouse and distribution center by storing products and taking care of all the sale side logistics. Using Amazon’s vast...

Some Basics of Sales Tax Nexus

Businesses engaged in interstate sales should be concerned about sales tax nexus. The term nexus relates to an organization’s physical presence in a state. The ugly truth about nexus, however, is that even some of the most seemingly mundane...

The Changing Landscape of Sales Tax Nexus

What exactly is sales tax nexus?  Tax nexus is a legal term, that when present, gives a state the ability to subject a business to that state's sales tax laws.  According to Investopedia, tax nexus is "generally defined as a physical presence."...

4 Activities that Can Create Sales Tax Nexus

Knowing where to collect and remit sales tax for your business becomes more complicated all the time, thanks to the sometimes ugly world of sales tax nexus. If you have nexus in a state, you are responsible for collecting sales tax there.  Here...

Sales Tax Nexus - The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Some new business owners operating exclusively online labor under the mistaken assumption that unless they've sold a product or service to someone in the state in which their business is physically located, they are not responsible for collecting...

Sales Tax Nexus and Drop Shipments

TaxConnex held a webinar yesterday regarding sales tax nexus and drop shipments.   The webinar was organized into three topics:

EYE ON Michigan Sales Taxes


The Michigan sales and use tax is imposed on taxable retail sale of tangible personal property and certain services.  The statewide general tax rate is 6%.  There are no local sales or use taxes imposed in Michigan.   

Some Not So New and Exciting Things About Sales Tax

This is a reposting of blog from June 2016.  Oldie but goodie.