Sales Tax News - December 6, 2017

By Brian Greer on Wed, Dec 06, 2017 @ 08:13 AM

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Auburn Sees Sales Tax Decrease While Rest of Cayuga County Sees Increase

Sales tax collections in Auburn, New York has been down, but the rest of Cayuga County has seen a large increase in sales tax collections. Cayuga County saw a 7.7 percent increase in sales tax collections as compared to this time year.  The money is shared with the county's towns and villages but not the city, due to a preemption policy from the 1990's. 

The towns in the county received 13.4 percent more money from the sales tax, and the villages have seen a 15 percent increase.  The city saw a 1.1 percent decrease during the same time.  City and county officials cannot determine the reason for a decrease in the city, but they say consumer confidence, decreasing unemployment rates, tourism, and rising gas prices contribute to the rise in sales tax collections for the county. 

Clarksville-Montgomery County See Increase in Sales Tax Collections

Sales tax collections are on the rise in Clarksville-Montgomery County, Tennessee.  They saw almost a $400,000 increase in September from the same month during the last fiscal year.  A combined local and state sales tax rate of 9.5 percent includes a 2.5 percent local option sales tax.  The monthly local option sales tax exceeded $7 million last December, which was a record month, but the current collections could easily top that. 

Oklahoma City Looks to Raise Sales Tax

The McAlester City council is expected to present four sales tax proposals to local voters in February.  If passed, the sales tax rate would rise to 9 and 7/8 percent for every dollar spent.  A half-cent sales tax increase would go towards the city's infrastructure needs.  The other three sales tax proposals raise the sales tax by one-eighth cent each, with one going towards economic development, one going towards McAlester public schools, and the other would benefit the McAlester Regional Health Center.  The election is expected to be held on February 13, 2018.

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