Sales Tax News - February 6, 2018

By Brian Greer on Tue, Feb 06, 2018 @ 07:45 AM

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Sales Tax Collections in Lincoln to Pay for Four Fire Stations

Four fire stations in Lincoln, Nebraska will be funded by a previously approved quarter-cent increase in the city's sales tax.  The sales tax ends on September 30 and is expected to generate $37.4 million over three years.  The Lincoln City Council is expected to approve by Monday the spending of around $20 million for the fire stations.  The four stations will be constructed over the next two years and one will share a space with the police outpost. 

Springfield, Illinois Aldermen Split on Raising Sales Tax

The Springfield City Council could vote today to raise the city's sales tax, but at least five aldermen say they are opposed to the increase while two others were undecided.  They are proposing a .25 percent increase that would bring the total sales tax to 8.75 percent.  Additional collections from the sales tax would go towards the city's general fund.  Revenue director Dallas Whitford projects that sales tax collections will be flat without an increase for the next fiscal year for the first time in his 30-year career.  The sales tax increase is on the agenda for the Tuesday City Council meeting in order to help finalize a budget before the beginning of the next fiscal year. 

Proposed Amendment in Kansas Would Lower Sales Tax on Food

Lawmakers in Kansas are considering a proposed constitutional amendment to lower the state sales tax on food and ingredients.  The proposed amendment would lower the sales tax rate from 6.5 percent to 4 percent in 2019 and then to 2 percent in 2020.  Cities and counties would not be required to lower local sales tax under the amendment.  The proposed amendment was introduced by Kansas lawmakers last year, but the tax committee took no action at the time.  The amendment to lower sales tax was then carried over into the 2018 session.
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