Sales tax compliance often takes a back seat to income tax compliance.  While you work to reduce your effective income tax rate, sales tax liability may be growing exponentially.  If left unchecked for too long, sales tax can have a significant financial impact on an organization.  With average, combined sales tax rates in the 9% range + penalties and interest - an unexpected sales tax audit could easily reach 15% to 20% or more of revenue in a state.

While these white papers may not be on Amazon's top recommended beach reads... you might find they save you significant money and excruciating pain in the future.

Here is a list of TaxConnex's top downloaded Sales Tax white papers:

  • Top 5 Sales Tax Nexus Creating Activities - Sales tax all begins with nexus.  This white paper provides a great overview of the common areas where we see companies get tripped up from a sales tax nexus perspective.
  • 5 Steps to Sales Tax Compliance - Keeping with the "5" theme, this guide overviews how to achieve sales tax compliance for a business that is currently out of compliance.
  • Voluntary Disclosure Agreements - This popular white paper outlines the VDA (Voluntary Disclosure Agreement) process and provides simple steps to follow along the way.

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Brian Greer

Written by Brian Greer