Forsyth County, GA voters have overwhelmingly rejected the proposed sales tax increase that would raise sales taxes 1/4% with 68% of voters saying they are against the increase in tax.  The new sales tax was supposed to help pay for much needed new county courthouse facilities and the leftover money was going to be used to help improve the school system within the county. 

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If the proposal had been passed, it would have raised the tax rate to 7% from 6.75%.  The county is going to lose out on $14 million of additional sales tax collection in the first year alone as this tax did not pass.  The alternative that will likely be sought by the county to raise money for the courthouse will likely be a property tax hike in order to raise the needed funds.  The property tax will likely increase from 72.3 cents to 74.45 cents per $100 worth of property.

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Brian Greer

Written by Brian Greer