TaxConnex is proud to announce that last Sunday, August 8,  TaxConnex founder and CEO, Robert Dumas, was interviewed on the Kathy Ireland show as branded content! 

Robert was able to highlight TaxConnex’s unique offerings to businesses looking to outsource sales tax compliance. There are still many businesses who don’t understand all the complexities surrounding sales tax or that they even have an obligation.  

“It was an honor working with Kathy Ireland and team for this interview,” explained Robert Dumas. “It’s always great to be able to talk about the white-glove service TaxConnex provides our clients and be able to highlight how special our team really is.”  

If you didn’t catch the broadcast, watch the video below for the highlights!  If you’re looking to learn more about TaxConnex and how we help manage the complexities of filing and managing sales tax, get in touch! 

Robert Dumas

Written by Robert Dumas

Accountant, consultant and entrepreneur, Robert Dumas began his public accounting career on the tax staff at Arthur Young & Co., followed by a brief stint at Grant Thornton. In 1998, Robert founded Tax Partners, which became the largest sales tax compliance service bureau in the country, and later sold it to Thomson Corporation. Robert founded TaxConnex in 2011 on the principle that the sales tax industry needed more than automation to truly help clients, thus building within TaxConnex a proprietary platform and network of sales tax experts to truly take sales tax off client’s plates.