Tax Rate Increases Effective Jan 1, 2018

By Brian Greer on Fri, Jan 05, 2018 @ 04:45 PM

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New Sales Tax Goes Into Effect in Stearns County, Minnesota

An additional quarter percent sales tax started being collected on January 1st in Stearns County, Minnesota.  The new sales tax will go towards the funding of road construction projects in the county.  Stearns County Commissioners voted in July to pass the quarter percent sales tax, and the tax will be in effect until 2022.  The tax is expected to generate $4.6 million per year. 

A New Year Means a New Sales Tax for Warren County, Ohio

Sales tax in Warren County increased a quarter percent at the beginning of the year.  The overall sales tax rate is now seven percent in the county.  The sales tax raise was passed by the Warren County Board of Commissioners to pay off debt on a new county jail within five years.  The sales tax increase sets the county's tax rate to match the bordering Hamilton and Preble Counties.  The new sales tax increase is expected to raise an estimated $10 million a year. 

Brown County, Wisconsin Sees Higher Sales Tax Rates in the New Year

The beginning of a new year means a new tax rate for Brown County.  The Wisconsin County added a half of one percent sales tax, raising the current sales tax rate to 5.5 percent.  The tax will last for 72 months and is expected to generate $147 million.

The money will be allocated to several different projects with $60 million going towards infrastructure and $20 million going to each the jail and mental health facilities and the libraries.  About $15 million of the money raised will go towards the Expo Hall Renovation, $10 million will go towards public safety, and $10 million will go towards the Resch Center Maintenance Fund.  The remaining $12 million will go towards parks and fairgrounds, the STEM Innovation Center, and Neville Public Museum.

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