Sales Tax News - October 19, 2018

By Brian Greer on Fri, Oct 19, 2018 @ 09:44 AM

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Sales Taxes Not Going to NC Technical College

Citizens of Buncombe County, North Carolina passed a referendum in 2011 approving a quarter-cent sales tax increase to help support a local community college, A-B Tech.  The controversial measure received enough support from locals because the revenue was to be used for campus construction and infrastructure improvements.  To date, the intended disbursements have not been made.  At the time of the vote, the promise to A-B Tech was verbal and the referendum never mentioned the facility specifically.  Coupled with a slim 500 vote margin of approval, citizens fear that the revenue is not being used as promised.

Rio Grande Valley Enjoying Surge in Sales Tax Collections

Compared to their neighbors along the Texas-Mexico border, communities in the Rio Grande Valley are enjoying a multi-year surge in sales tax collections.  The state comptroller's report indicates that collections in Hidalgo and Cameron Counties are up more than ten percent in July when compared to one year ago.  For the year to date, sales tax collections are up 6 percent in both counties.  

York, Nebraska Enjoys Record Revenue

Officials in York, Nebraska are pleased with the record sales tax collections brought in by the local sales tax this year.  Sales tax collections were approximately $3,600,000 versus the budget figure of $3,200,000 which resulted in a surplus of $400,000.  The sales tax receipts were 5.5 percent higher than one year ago, and are the highest seen by the city since it instituted a sales tax in 1998.
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