Sales Tax News - April 19, 2018

By Brian Greer on Thu, Apr 19, 2018 @ 02:55 PM

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Sales Tax Increase Proposed at Tallassee (Alabama) Council Meeting

An ordinance was introduced by the members of the Tallassee Council Meeting that would raise taxes only on the Elmore County Side.  The increase would mirror the taxes already in place on the Tallapoosa County side.  This would be the first sales tax increase on the Elmore County side in seven years.  Twenty-five percent of the collected taxes goes to Tallassee City Schools while 75 percent goes towards the city's general fund.  The additional cent that will be added will be divided equally among the Tallassee City School and the general fund.  Council members will vote on the ordinance at the next meeting scheduled for April 10. 

Kansas City (Missouri) Renews One-Cent Sales Tax

Voter in Kansas City renewed a one-cent sales tax for capital improvements.  The one-cent sales tax is expected to generate $70 million a year.  Thirty-five percent of that will be distributed to the six districts for neighborhood projects, 25 percent will go towards street resurfacing and repairs, and the other 40 percent will be used for maintenance of public buildings and other infrastructure.  The sales tax was renewed for 20 years. 

Town of Lohman (Missouri) Approves Sales Tax

The town of Lohman voted in a new mayor and approved a one-percent sales tax on receipts from sales and services at retail establishments.  The new mayor, Jason Wood, was excited about the new sales tax that will help fund the city's budget.  Wood said, "It will help considerably since it'll be the only income we have coming in other than the sewer department."  The city does not currently have any municipal taxes, and this new tax will help fund street improvements instead of depending on the county.  Fifty-seven percent of voters said yes to the new tax that will go into effect July 1.
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