Sales Tax News - January 18, 2018

By Brian Greer on Thu, Jan 18, 2018 @ 08:15 AM

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Geneva, Illinois to Add Sales Tax Hike to Ballot

Geneva residents will have the opportunity to vote for a sales tax increase in March.  The one-half percent sales tax increase would help fund municipal operations, capital needs, and infrastructure improvements.  If the tax is passed, the city's sales tax would go up from one-half of a percent to one percent effective July 1.  If the referendum does not pass, the city will implement a two percent tax on gross receipts at restaurants.

Georgia Lawmakers Discuss Sales Tax for Schools

School officials from across the state gave their opinions about a proposed constitutional amendment that would add another penny sales tax for schools.  The new sales tax would go towards ongoing maintenance and operations for up to five years.  The amendment would need to be approved by the General Assembly before sending the tax question to voters.  They are currently just getting some input on the matter before the start of the legislative session. 

Alabama Jail Sales Tax Could Expire Sooner than Scheduled

A temporary sales tax used to fund the construction of the Pike County Jail could expire faster than expected.  Officials predicted that the sales tax would generate $2.5 million each year, but sales tax from the first month was nearly twice as much as expected.  The Alabama county collected more than $379,000 in the first month.  If each month is as good as the first, the sales tax would raise over $4.5 million in a year. 

The tax is only allowed to stay in place until the money is raised to construct a new jail.  The jail is expected to cost $8 million, and the tax will expire as soon as that money comes in.  If the numbers for each month are as good as the first month, the funds could be generated in less than 24 months.
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