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We live in such a challenging environment these days, and none are more challenged than a CPA during income tax season.  I often speak to CPAs about how they deal with the grind, and every so often one of them says "I've had it!"  Usually it's not an isolated, emotional comment (though I have heard some of those) but generally it's a work and personal life collision.  After all, every CPA has a home life away from the countless tax forms and spread sheets.  This just isn't the time of year to spend much time thinking about it.

There are so many tax businesses that could benefit from the experience of CPAs who decided that home needed to come first.  Think of the number of stay-at-home Moms who have been professionally trained, have maintained their CPA or accounting skills, but just can't balance the schedule of a full-time tax job and gracefully managing a family.  That, my friends, is a labor pool that can work magic for you...and for them!

TaxConnex has a talented team of CPAs and accounting professionals that have moved to a work from home status.  Everyone wins - the family has them first and foremost, TaxConnex has the benefit of a marvelously talented accountant, the client gets access to a skilled tax resource, and the professional earns a nice stay-at-home income...and now has several conversations a day with an audience that has outgrown Barney.

Well trained accountants are a gem in the sales tax world.  They can perform sales tax compliance as a regular responsibility, give ad hoc consulting advice as needed, perform nexus studies, address taxability issues, and manage audits.  And all of it can be done from home with little distraction to the family.

I'm bought in.  The work-from-home professionals that we've aligned with are world class.  They know accounting, have a flair for tax, serve clients flawlessly, and make us a better tax and accounting firm.  If you're a small or mid-sized business who needs help with sales tax, you should hire a firm that leverages resources like this.  And if you're a CPA or accounting professional looking for a gig that keeps you close to the nest, you should call me.  We've got a great client waiting for you!

Doug Starr

Written by Doug Starr