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TaxConnex, America’s leading independent sales tax compliance and consulting firm, continues to redefine the sales tax outsourcing industry by providing an outsourced sales tax department rather than a return preparation service.  Using a unique network of experienced practitioners and automation, TaxConnex addresses sales tax nexus questions, audit questions, taxability issues, return preparation & filing, general ledger reconciliation, treasury functions and exemption certificate management.  The end result is an outsourced sales tax department where TaxConnex advises their clients on all aspects of sales tax for a flat monthly fee.  

Brian Greer, Partner, sums it up like this, “Other outsourcing services are delivered in an accounting factory with clerical personnel focused on how to get tax returns out the door as quickly and inexpensively as possible.  Much like an assembly line, each client is forced through the same, common process to achieve the lowest cost per return.  This removes flexibility from the engagements and discounts the fact that each company is unique and different in the way sales tax should be addressed.  At TaxConnex, our clients have learned that cost per return is an incomplete measure of true cost. They left the factory model in search of a solution where technology and expertise come together to deliver lowest total cost.

By delivering service through skilled tax and accounting professionals, TaxConnex is able to provide a customized compliance solution for each client while leveraging technology and common treasury functions to ensure cost efficiencies and control.  As an additional benefit, TaxConnex provides quick and expert answers to client questions.  “Small to mid-market businesses often lack the internal sales tax expertise that their multi-state business requires.  In addition to the return preparation and filing, TaxConnex provides the guidance, advice, and hand holding that a Controller or CFO requires”, says Robert Dumas, Founder and Partner.

About TaxConnex

TaxConnex is America’s leading independent Sales and Use Tax compliance and consulting firm. Using a team of experienced tax and accounting professionals, TaxConnex provides sales tax outsourcing, sales tax consulting and sales tax emergency response services to businesses of all sizes with a focus on small and mid-sized businesses, VoIP providers, and technology companies.  TaxConnex provides a complete set of highly customer intimate services including end-to-end compliance, data analysis, remittance, reporting, notice resolution, question handling, proactive suggestions, straightforward advice, and audit support.  TaxConnex is your “on-call” Sales & Use Tax Department.

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Brian Greer

Written by Brian Greer