TaxConnex, LLC, America’s leading independent sales and use tax outsourcing and consulting firm, and Business Licenses, LLC invites sales tax and licensing professionals to a webinar - “Five Steps to Sales Tax Compliance."

Deciding how to become sales tax compliant can be very confusing - especially if you've not collected sales tax in the past. This webinar will outline five key steps to ensure you have minimized the sales tax risk in your business.

Specific topics and mini-case studies include the following:

  1. Determine your sales tax nexus footprint
  2. Understand the taxability of your products and services
  3. Quantify your potential prior period exposure
  4. Develop a remediation game plan
  5. Execute your strategy

Included in this webinar is a discussion of the Marketplace Fairness Act and fifteen minutes of questions at the end of the presentation.

“This webinar covers the big issues in sales tax.  We cover nexus, taxability, exposure and remediation,” says Brian Greer, TaxConnex Partner and VP of Sales and Marketing.  “Plus, we are addressing the Marketplace Fairness Act.  So, this is a good webinar to learn and ask questions.”

The webinar will be Thursday, November 14, 2 PM Eastern, 11 AM Pacific.  A registration link is here.

About TaxConnex
TaxConnex, ‘your outsourced sales tax department’, is America’s leading independent sales and use tax outsourcing and consulting firm. Using a team of experienced tax and accounting professionals, TaxConnex provides sales tax outsourcing, sales tax consulting and VoIP tax service to businesses of all sizes with a focus on technology companies, small and mid-sized businesses, and VoIP providers. TaxConnex provides a complete set of highly customer intimate services including end-to-end compliance, data analysis, remittance, reporting, notice resolution, question handling, proactive suggestions, straightforward advice, and audit support.


Brian Greer

Written by Brian Greer