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Three States Report Remote Sales Tax Revenue in the Wake of Wayfair

In the 17 months since the South Dakota vs Wayfair decision, some states have begun reporting their revenues against predicted numbers. Among the first are South Carolina, Iowa and Massachusetts – and results are mixed.

5 Ways Wayfair is Unexpectedly Impacting Vendors

The American Catalog Mailers Association has released results of their survey regarding how remote retailers of all sizes were affected by the South Dakota v. Wayfair Inc. decision.

States predicted minimal harm to direct/online retailers from...

TaxConnex Selected as a Venture Atlanta 2019 Presenting Company

I am honored to share that TaxConnex has recently been selected by Venture Atlanta to Present at Venture Atlanta 2019.  Venture Atlanta, the Southeast’s technology innovation event, is where the region’s most promising tech companies meet the...

Pennsylvania's Remote Seller Nexus Laws

This year the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is joining a number of other states in the U.S. that have already defined economic nexus for its sales tax as it applies to online sellers.  

Beaufort County's New 1% Tax Will Soon Be Put to Work on New Projects

Approximately 58% of the 65,000 voting-aged residents of Beaufort County, South Carolina have approved a 1% sales tax rate hike within the county, which will go far in helping raise some much-needed funds to help the county take on new projects. ...

Lee County, Florida Approves 1/2 Cent Sales Tax For Schools

The residents of Lee County are investing in their children and in their futures as they voted to approve a 1/2 cent sales tax increase.  These funds will go directly to schools to help pay for their ever-rising costs of educating the county's...

Sales Tax Rates Increased in 11 Cities Across Los Angeles County

Eleven cities in Los Angeles County saw voters approve an increase in sales tax rates during recent elections.  The election results mirror a trend in the state that has resulted in significantly higher sales tax rates over the past few years.

Topeka, Kansas Half Cent Sales Tax Extends For Another Decade

Topeka residents have voted to extend the city's 1/2% sales tax for another 10 years.  Residents cite the main reason for allowing the 1/2% sales tax to continue is in hopes of wrapping up ongoing road work in the coming years.  

Forsyth County Voters Reject Quarter Percent Sales Tax Increase

Forsyth County, GA voters have overwhelmingly rejected the proposed sales tax increase that would raise sales taxes 1/4% with 68% of voters saying they are against the increase in tax.  The new sales tax was supposed to help pay for much needed...

Ohio is First State to Accept Bitcoin for Business Taxes

The state of Ohio broke new ground for cryptocurrency when it recently announced that businesses can pay taxes with Bitcoin.