TaxConnex, America’s leading independent provider of sales and use tax outsourcing and sales_tax_consulting services, is pleased to add to the sales tax nexus conversation at, with TaxConnex Partner Jeff Meigs joining as a featured contributor.

Few are as qualified as Jeff to discuss sales tax nexus issues.

Sales and use tax is a passion for Jeff, and has been a key component of every stage in his career.  Jeff graduated from North Carolina State University and was quickly recruited by the North Carolina Department of Revenue.  Soon after, he honed his state and local tax skills as a manager for Ernst & Young, and later as a Senior Manager for KPMG.  Jeff was a key leader in GE's sales and use tax department where he helped provide direction in one of the most unique sales and use tax environments in the country.  Eventually, Jeff was recruited by Tax Partners where he was the VP of Client Services, and later ran their sales tax consulting practice after the Thomson Reuters acquisition.  Jeff joined TaxConnex as a Partner in 2010.
“I’m excited to join as a sales tax nexus featured blogger,” says Jeff Meigs.  “I always think of myself as a sales tax consultant, so this feels like a  great opportunity for me.  I really enjoy talking with people about sales tax issues, especially the changes in sales tax nexus laws that affect their business.  With the sales tax nexus blog, instead of talking to one person at a time, I’m talking to many.  I like that idea and am really looking forward to sharing my opinions and hearing back from the sales tax community.”

“At TaxConnex, sales tax is our only business,” adds Brian Greer, TaxConnex Partner and VP of Sales and Marketing, “so we are deeply committed to the sales tax community.  Many of us in the sales tax community have known each other for years and are working on the same issues, so this seems like a natural fit.  Plus, is a great forum for Jeff.  He’s such a natural communicator.”

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Jeff Meigs

Written by Jeff Meigs