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Arizona – Transaction Privilege Tax Simplification is HERE!

The long awaited day has finally come, the day in which all Sales & Use tax compliance addicts rejoice as Arizona finally rolls out the TPT Simplification.  That’s right folks, after a couple of false starts in recent years, TPT Simplification is...

The Final Countdown

In the words of the popular 80’s band, Europe: It’s the final countdown!!!

Okay, we actually have about 139 days until the end of the year, however, when you are in sales and use tax compliance, the days and the months go by in a blink of an eye!

EYE ON Arizona Sales Tax

Arizona doesn’t have a traditional “sales tax” – instead, Arizona imposes a transactions privilege tax (“TPT”) on the sale of tangible personal property and certain services. However, the TPT is the equivalent of a sales tax in almost all...