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2017 State Sales Tax Holidays

It’s hard to believe that Spring has sprung…at least down in the South it has.  With the coming of spring and daylight savings time on the horizon, many people find themselves starting that to do list and preparing budgets for home improvements,...

2016 Tax Free Holidays

It’s never too early to plan a shopping trip, especially when the savings could be significant.  Check out the latest and greatest Tax Free Holiday list for 2016.








Items Included

2016 Dates


Sales Tax Holiday Anyone?

Sales Tax, Amazon, and Dinner Parties

If you’re reading this, you are likely in the sales tax industry and will appreciate this post. You may not get any new pearls of wisdom but I’m sure it’s a topic you can relate to. Recently, I was at a neighbor’s house for a dinner party and the...

Sales Tax Holidays

Sales tax holidays have been increasing in popularity around the United States over the past 10 years.  A tax holiday is a specific period of time during which a state does not charge sales tax on certain types of products.  It is especially common...