Several cities and counties across Colorado have approved various sales taxes on marijuana during the elections in November.  Some areas of Colorado voted on the issue even though they do not yet have any dispensaries.  These new local taxes are in addition to the steep state taxes.

According to High Times, there is already a state excise tax of 15% specifically on retail marijuana sold throughout Colorado.  This is a recent jump from 10%, which went into effect July 1st, 2017.  However, according to the Colorado Official State Web Portal, when the excise tax jumped to 15% marijuana sales were no longer subject to the regular 2.9% sales tax on all retail sales in Colorado.

Berthoud, a town just south of Loveland and part of Larimer County voted in a 7% tax on recreational marijuana in November.  According to the Loveland Reporter Herald, this new tax is contingent upon retail marijuana stores being approved by the town.  It seems with this new result retail dispensaries will likely be approved soon.

De Beque is a very small town in Mesa County, and is one of the oldest towns in Colorado.  US News states that their town has approved a sales tax on any future medical marijuana sales, although they have no dispensaries at this time.

Eagle County, where the Vail ski resort community lies, voted in marijuana sales tax with an overwhelming 73% majority according to this Vail Daily report.  It will begin as a 2.5% tax that will gradually increase to 5%.  This is in addition to standard state and local sales tax, which is 4% for Eagle County.

Longmont, which is a city south of Berthoud split between Boulder and Weld counties, voted in a 3% sales tax for recreational marijuana.  However this article by the Longmont Times-Call doesn't specify what the city plans to do with the estimated $1.3 million annual tax increase.

High Times also reports that at least a dozen Colorado locales have voted to either increase or begin taxes on marijuana.  Steamboat Springs is the only area in Colorado reported to have lowered their marijuana tax during this most recent election.
Brian Greer

Written by Brian Greer