OK.  So we've all heard about the budget shortfalls and states' attempts at closing their budget deficits.  We've seen new taxes popping up in most every state with the intent to expand the tax base and capture additional sales tax revenue.  I have mixed emotions when I see these changing tax laws as I'm philosophically opposed to them yet it means the continued necessity for professionals in this industry.

But I saw one recently that bothered me more than normal...that would be the taxing of food sales by the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts.  More specifically, cookie sales for the Girl Scouts and popcorn sales for the Boy Scouts.

In Georgia, House Bill 385 is proposing this change to the Georgia sales tax regulations.  This is one that I'm personally connected to as I have 20 or so boxes of newly purchased Girl Scout cookies in my pantry that I bought from my daughter.  Likewise, I have multiple bags of popcorn lying around that my son sold earlier in the year.  I have seen first-hand how these programs have not only helped my children but other children as well.  Don't get me wrong, I am quite the capitalist but have a soft spot for these programs.  I have seen children that can't otherwise afford day camps, summer camps, or even the uniforms needed to participate that were funded by sales of either cookies or popcorn.

Taxing these items will negatively affect the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts programs.  Can we all focus our efforts elsewhere?

Brian Greer

Written by Brian Greer