Legislative Updates

Sales Tax Legislative Updates

Click-through nexus, the Marketplace Fairness Act, and Cloud-based services have created confusion for people managing sales tax for their business.  This webinar will address these topics and set the record straight.  Specific topics include the following:

  • Click-Through Nexus
  • Marketplace Fairness Act (aka Internet Sales Tax)
  • Taxability and Nexus Considerations of Cloud-based Services
  • Other Sales Tax Tid Bits

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Sales Tax Nexus and Business Licenses

Sales Tax and Business License Nexus: Unwinding the Complex Rules

Nexus is a confusing matter -- as it differs for various tax types, and the rules regarding sales tax and business licenses have considerable overlap.  This educational webinar will help you make sense of the nexus issues.

Join Business Licenses, LLC's Doug Starr, VP & Partner, along with TaxConnex's Robert Dumas, CPA & Managing Partner, for a discussion covers:

  • Nexus differs for every tax discipline
  • Sales and delivery methods impact both your sales tax and licensing nexus
  • Failure to collect sales tax transfers the financial obligation from the customer to the retailer
  • Gross receipt tax increases license nexus risk
  • Compliance can be restored intelligently

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5 Steps to Sales Tax Compliance

5 Steps to Sales Tax Compliance

Deciding how to become sales tax compliant can be very confusing - especially if you've not collected sales tax in the past. This webinar will outline 5 key steps to ensure you have minimized the sales tax risk in your business.

  •     Determine your sales tax nexus footprint
  •     Understand the taxability of your products and services
  •     Quantify your potential prior period exposure
  •     Develop a remediation game plan
  •     Execute your strategy

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Telecom Tax CTA

“Telecom Tax: Simplifying the Tax and Regulatory Obligations of Your Communications Service”

Developed for communications providers, this webinar focuses on the complexities of tax and regulatory compliance specific to telecommunications services and the solutions that simplify the process.  Topics that are addressed include:

  • Myths and misperceptions of delivering communications services over the Internet
  • Difference between taxes and regulatory fees
  • How the changing concept of nexus affects the taxation and regulatory classification of telecommunications service
  • Options for streamlining the calculation and reporting of various taxes and regulatory fees
  • How to return form non-compliance to compliance

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TaxConnex Sales Tax Compliance Webinar

Sales Tax Compliance - It's Risky Business

Sales tax compliance is focused on balancing risk and cost.  Being overly compliant can lead to excessive costs and reduced competitiveness while under compliance can lead to risk, penalties, interest, and a bottom line hit.
In this webinar, we cover following key topics:

  • Sources of state budgets and total sales tax collections
  • Three options for managing your sales tax risk
  • Two different types of sales tax outsourcing solutions
  • Evaluating which sales tax outsourcing solution is right for you

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