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Navigating Sales Tax Exemption Certificates for Your Business

In its most basic form, a sales tax exemption certificate alleviates a company from collecting and remitting sales tax on certain products and services. The most common exemption is “sale for resale,” which allows businesses to purchase products free of tax. Other exemptions can apply to special entities, including government organizations and nonprofits.
The purchaser has the responsibility for determining whether they are exempt or not and obtaining a valid exemption certificate. But, it is the job of business to validate and maintain these exemption certificates in order to not be held responsible for not charging sales tax leaving your business with the responsibility of paying the tax to the state if assessed under audit. So how do you manage this? Watch this webinar discussing exemption certificates. We cover the differences between exemptions and exclusions, what forms are needed to qualify, industry specific examples, and best practices for exemption certificate management

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