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Sales Tax 101 & 102

Sales tax for businesses can be complicated if you don't understand what needs to be determined first. You will need to determine where you have nexus, what products/services are taxable, when to register for a sales tax permit, how to manage ongoing sales tax compliance, and much more. Luckily for you, we are experts when it comes to sales tax information.

SALES TAX 101 Learning Objectives

- How to determine sales tax nexus

- The South Dakota vs. Wayfair case

- Identifying taxability of products/services

- When to register for sales tax purposes



- Jeff Meigs - TaxConnex

SALES TAX 102 Learning Objectives

- Estimating and mitigating prior period sales tax exposure

- Establishing a compliance process for sales tax

- Managing ongoing requirements for sales tax compliance


- Jeff Meigs - TaxConnex

- Brian Greer - TaxConnex

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