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Identifying and Managing Your Clients' Sales & Use Tax Risk

Sales and use tax is often low on the list of priorities for businesses, and thus not a main focus of many Accounting Practices and Firms. But the complexities and risk surrounding sales tax can cause a real issue for your client if not managed properly. In this webinar, TaxConnex shares some of the triggering events businesses experience that could cause a need to evaluate their sales tax obligations, how you can approach and review your current clients to identify need before a triggering event and steps to ensure on-going compliance.

Learning Objectives

Key takeaways from this webinar:

- Identify activities and circumstances that trigger sales tax risk, exposure, and obligations

- Explore why sales tax matters with real world case studies

- Evaluate mitigation strategies for sales tax exposure

- Discover what ongoing sales tax compliance entails (When – what - how)


- Jeff Meigs & Brian Greer - TaxConnex

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