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TaxConnex Launches CPA Advantage

Posted by Brian Greer on Wed, Oct 29, 2014

TaxConnex, LLC America’s leading independent sales and use tax outsourcing and consulting firm, is launching CPA Advantage, the first of its kind full service sales and use tax solution designed for use by CPA firms. The program provides CPA firms with a turn-key sales tax outsourcing solution for serving clients with no upfront cost.

“A trend in the industry has accelerated as more CPA firms are entering the sales tax outsourcing business. The largest accounting firms are leading the way and regional and local CPA firms are beginning to react,” explains Robert Dumas, TaxConnex’s Founding Partner. “However, the necessity to provide sales tax outsourcing services is counter balanced by the upfront cost to purchase software and develop the infrastructure. CPA Advantage will offer a competitive solution to these firms,” he added.

CPA Advantage provides a complete workflow solution including: data translation; return preparation software; a treasury process for tax payment processing subjected to SSAE 16 audit standards; and administrative support to mail the returns to the jurisdictions and image and store the returns and payment confirmations in a secure client portal.

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