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TaxConnex Expands Outsourcing Services

Posted by Brian Greer on Tue, Dec 02, 2014

paperwork_2TaxConnex has expanded its outsourcing services to include Exemption Certificate Management and Unclaimed Property ComplianceMaintaining current, valid exemption certificates is critical in managing your overall sales tax risk. Our experienced practitioners will review the certificates for validity, electronically host certificates for easy retrieval, and manage the expiration process by proactively tracking the expiration dates of each certificate.


Our new Unclaimed Property Compliance service will reduce potential unclaimed property exposure and ensure compliance with state regulations.  We now offer services to manage and report your unclaimed property including sending due diligence letters, and reporting each abandoned property to the states.


Click here for more information about our Exemption Certificate Management or Unclaimed Property Compliance services and how TaxConnex can help support your sales tax exemptions, reduce risk, and manage the paperwork for you.

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