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Dotmatics Requires a Sales Tax Compliance Process Established


The Challenge:

Global software company needs to establish a process for sales tax as they expand into North America

Dotmatics expanded their operations to North America in 2015 where they established their N.A. headquarters in Boston. Their U.K. based team was inexperienced with US sales tax because prior to this they had no obligation to collect and remit sales tax. Additionally, this meant that at the time, Dotmatics had no existing sales tax compliance process in place for their newly formed U.S. entity.

Dotmatics’ AR Specialist, Mercedes Collins, has been part of the team for the past 7 years. When she assessed the company’s capacity to learn how to manage their US sales tax obligations, she identified gaps in knowledge and sought out expert guidance.

“Being based in the U.K., our team had a lack of understanding of sales tax.” explained Collins. “Ensuring everything was done precisely, from the get-go, was extremely important to us. We knew it was best to look for a specialized solution that could help us with everything.”

Dotmatics needed a sales tax compliance process established by experts so that no steps were overlooked. As a global company with offices and R&D teams across the nation, they needed a sales tax solution that would provide accurate guidance on when they were obligated to register, collect, and begin filing returns for sales tax purposes.


Why TaxConnex?

Simple, skilled, supportive

“We wanted someone who could take all the registrations we were going to need to do out of our hands.” said Collins. “Having a practitioner who cares just as much, if not more than you, that everything is reconciled accurately, reported and remitted on time is a huge bonus.”

As a growing global platform of scientific software solutions to more than 2 million scientists’, it was important to perform a nexus evaluation to determine Dotmatics’ sales tax position, install a process for handling registrations and monthly sales tax return preparation, filing and notice resolution, as well as accurately identify when and where nexus thresholds have been met across each state and local jurisdiction. Collins and the team at Dotmatics recognized that this was no small task.

“Sales tax is such a minefield and there are things that can be missed without you evening knowing it.” said Collins.

That’s why Dotmatics trusts TaxConnex to manage all their monthly sales tax compliance needs.


The Results:

TaxConnex was able to provide Dotmatics a clear understanding of their current sales tax position and implement a fully managed sales tax compliance process. Dotmatics leverages the expertise of TaxConnex to ensure that all their sales tax requirements are always handled in an accurate and timely manner.

“It’s important to have a partner that is open and honest with you. [Our practitioner] really does go above and beyond to handle everything for us. When I send them our monthly reports, they examine our data, ask me questions to double check that there aren’t any gaps or errors, and then file our reports. [Our practitioner] also goes the extra mile to make sure I understand everything and is always willing to jump on a call to simplify things for me when needed.” explained Collins.

Prior to the formation of the new entity, Dotmatics didn’t have an obligation or a process in place for how to best collect and remit their sales tax. Now, their sales tax compliance process runs smoothly without the administrative burden of managing monthly deadlines weighing on their team and non-compliance is never a concern.

“TaxConnex doesn’t overcomplicate things for us, they simplify them. Being able to work closely with [a dedicated practitioner] rather than multiple individuals who don’t understand your business is very helpful. TaxConnex takes a lot of weight and worry off us.” said Collins.


About Dotmatics

Dotmatics is a leader in R&D scientific software connecting science, data, and decision-making. Its enterprise R&D platform and scientists’ favorite applications drive efficiency and accelerate innovation. Dotmatics offers a core scientific platform comprised of tools such as an electronic lab notebook, data discovery, and screening. It also offers popular, specialized applications for scientists such as GraphPad Prism, SnapGene and Geneious. Dotmatics is creating solutions with pre-configured use cases and workflows for research organizations in biology, chemistry, and chemicals and materials research. More than 2 million scientists and 10,000 customers trust Dotmatics to help them create a healthier, cleaner, safer world. For more information, please visit



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