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Conco Services Needs a Simplified Sales Tax Compliance Process


The Challenge:

Global service provider to industrial facilities needs to simplify their sales tax compliance process for their expanding business

Conco Services, headquartered in Pennsylvania, was preparing for a major national and international expansion. At the time, they were registered and filing for sales tax purposes in 12 states plus a handful of Louisianna parishes. They had already grown their accounting team to keep up with managing their demanding sales and use tax process in-house, but to support further expansion, Conco would have needed to add an additional full-time employee whose sole focus would be sales tax compliance and filings.

Conco Services concluded that outsourcing their tedious sales tax compliance process would greatly benefit their existing team. Their Sales Tax Accountant/Project Cost Accountant, Lorin Welsh, has been part of the team throughout this transition. When she assessed the company’s reasons for wanting to outsource their sales tax compliance, she identified several different areas that needed to be optimized.

“Before partnering with TaxConnex, our process was completely manual with printed reports and online filing, which is a big factor for why I was hired.” explained Welsh. “We wanted to ensure we maintained compliance throughout our expansion while also transitioning our system to being completely paperless.”

The burden of Conco’s sales and use tax compliance process needed to be lifted from their accounting team without the risks of noncompliance as other vital projects began to take priority. Additionally, they needed a sales tax solution that would better track their nexus in states they weren’t currently registered in.


Why TaxConnex?

Simple. Helpful. Appreciative.

As a continuously growing service provider to industrial facilities across the globe, it was important to monitor nexus thresholds, handle new sales and use tax applications and registrations in a timely manner, and stay ahead of monthly return preparation, filing and notices.

“We wanted to upgrade our processes so that we didn’t need to manually calculate, file, and remit every month. Our goal was to become completely paperless, and we were looking to outsource because we didn’t want to monitor a software tool.” clarified Welsh.

That’s why Conco Services trusts all their sales tax obligations to TaxConnex.

“When we were searching for a better solution, we didn’t find other providers or software that were able to meet our needs the way TaxConnex does at the price point we were looking for.” described Welsh.


The Results:

“Working with TaxConnex has been an amazing experience. Our relationship has allowed me to maintain my sales and use tax duties while also being able to tackle other projects without us having to hire an additional full-time employee to manage compliance and filings."

TaxConnex was able to streamline the entire sales tax process by becoming an extension of Conco’s internal team. Conco Services partners with TaxConnex to remove the burden of managing all their registrations, monthly returns, filings, and jurisdictional notices in an accurate and timely manner.

“It has become much easier to keep the process paperless as everything is done online, and we no longer must do the manual calculations every month to reconcile our reports. Now, we just verify our numbers with our system and then send it off to [our practitioner] to handle the rest.” described Welsh.

Welsh estimates that when Conco previously managed everything internally, their sales tax obligations would consume an entire week’s worth of work every month. Now, there is no more manual work required and the monthly sales tax deadlines are fulfilled on time, ensuring they always remain compliant as they continue to expand.

“Thanks to TaxConnex, our once 5-day process has been narrowed down to 5 hours, and this is despite us drastically increasing our registrations from the original 12 states to 44 states along with several Louisianna parishes and other local registrations.” explained Welsh. “TaxConnex handled every new application and registration, that we grew into, for us.”

“Our processes now are so simple which has given our team back some much-needed time as our expansion has led to various bigger projects within the company. I love working with [our practitioner]! They are so helpful and patient. Anytime I ask a question, I get an answer back in less than 24 hours (if not within the hour I emailed).” described Welsh.


About Conco Services

Conco Services, a global specialty cleaning and testing service company, focuses on condenser and heat exchanger tube cleaning, nondestructive testing, leak detection, and tube plugging services in an environmentally friendly way. Conco’s methods are safer, faster, cleaner, and greener than many alternative cleaning options due to patented and cutting-edge tube cleaning technology that enhances the sustainability score of industrial facilities. For more information, please visit



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