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General Sales Tax Collections Reach an All-Time High

Sales Tax Nexus - Amazon Story on ABC News

ABC News has a mainstream article about how Amazon is now losing their pricing advantage in at least six states where Amazon has established sales tax nexus and must collect tax. 

Sales Tax Nexus for Internet Retailers in Georgia

Georgia House Bill 386 is running through the Georgia legislation quickly and stands a final vote in the Senate today.  The bill passed in the House earlier this week by a vote of 155 in favor and 9 against.  Among other tax reforms, this Bill...

Sales Tax Nexus - The Land of Confusion

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Sales Tax Nexus for Internet Retailers

I have received numerous phone calls over the last few weeks from internet retailers concerned about some of the new sales tax nexus rules that states like California recently passed.  Most of these new rules/laws are centered on affiliate nexus or...

Sales Tax Nexus - Victory for the Internet Retailers!

Amazon and North Carolina Battle Over Sales Tax

Sales Tax Nexus and Amazon Laws

New York, North Carolina and Rhode Island have already passed "Amazon Laws".  Are you waiting to see if your state will pass new "Amazon Laws" that will force you to pay sales tax on your internet sales?