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Sales Tax Nexus and Affiliates

Recently, we were engaged to perform a sales tax nexus review.  I always ask if the business has any affiliates in any states we are reviewing. 

Their immediate question was “what do you mean by an affiliate?” 

In this situation I was attempting...

Affiliated Sales Tax Nexus

Do you know where your “affiliate” has been? 

Are you utilizing the services of a third party to deliver value or product to your customers? 

Then you may have a nexus footprint for sales and use tax purposes far broader than you ever imagined. ...

Sales Tax Nexus and Affiliates

Just yesterday I started the information gathering portion of a sales tax nexus engagement.  One of the questions I asked the client was whether they had any affiliates in a particular state we were reviewing.  Their immediate question was “what do...

Sales Tax Nexus for Internet Retailers

I have received numerous phone calls over the last few weeks from internet retailers concerned about some of the new sales tax nexus rules that states like California recently passed.  Most of these new rules/laws are centered on affiliate nexus or...