Michigan – What is MTO all about?

By Noelle Ard on Tue, Feb 10, 2015 @ 02:30 PM

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Some say the day would never come, but it has! Michigan has launched the Michigan Treasury Online for Business Services (MTO).


Beginning with the January 2015 filing period, the Michigan Department of Treasury will begin processing current year Sales, Use and Withholding tax returns with their new online system. This system promises Sales, Use and Withholding (SUW) taxpayers the ability to have 24/7 access to their accounts as well as the ability to file and pay returns electronically all in one transaction.

Also beginning with the January 2015 filing period, all taxpayers must file a return regardless of a taxpayer’s payment method or whether tax is due. This is a significant change for those doing business in the state of Michigan, as previously a company making a payment via EFT was not required to file a return.

In their summary of 2015 SUW Changes, Michigan Department of Treasury has also indicated that due to the availability of e-file options, beginning with tax year 2015, SUW forms and instructions will no longer be mailed. Additionally, Michigan DOT has indicated that the DOT will no longer issue separate ME account numbers for SUW taxpayers. Beginning with the January 2015 return, each taxpayer should file using their FEIN or TR number. Multiple return filings under the same FEIN number will be allowed to ensure multiple locations are able to report. Current licenses that have a ME account number will be valid until September 30th, 2015 and then will be reissued using the FEIN number going forward. Once expired, copies of license renewals may be viewed and printed from the Taxpayer MTO Accounts. Copies of sales tax licenses may also be requested through business self-service or the automated phone system by calling the Michigan Department of Treasury (DOT) at 517 636 6925.

In addition to the wide spread publicity of the new Michigan Treasury Online filing system, all registered SUW taxpayers were sent a letter in late 2014 titled New Online Registration and Sales Use and Withholding Tax Services. The letter explained how to create an online profile in order to use the new Michigan Treasury Online (MTO) services. Due to the range of e-services provided, all SUW taxpayers are encouraged to sign up for MTO at www.michigan.gov/mtobusiness.

For Sales and Use tax compliance folks, the creation of online filing systems are exciting, as it decreases the risk for errors as well as the jurisdictional mail that we see each month. While new systems are created quarterly, it appears that some of the states that have been more resistant in becoming online savvy are finally seeing the benefits of a robust online tax system and are taking steps to invest in making the online processing of returns more desirable and necessary. For additional information related to the Michigan Treasury Online System for Business Services, taxpayers should visit www.michigan.gov/mtobusiness.

Noelle Ard

Written by Noelle Ard