Managing Your Outsource Transition

By Anne Birkmann on Tue, Apr 19, 2016 @ 10:00 AM

Ensure solid execution of your outsourcing transition by managing common challenges.


  • Process documentation:smooth_transition.jpg

    Documenting your sales tax processes will serve as a basis for knowledge transfer and a performance reference for your vendor
  • Transition metrics:

    In addition to any contracted performance metrics, you should develop metrics specific to the transition process.  This will help identify risks that impact down-stream processes.
  • Monitor vendor resources:

    Monitor vendor performance during the transition to ensure that contractual resource requirements, such as experience level and limited turnover, are met.   
  • Plan for unexpected events:

    Prepare for unexpected transition challenges by assigning dedicated and experienced resources to ensure that root-causes can be identified and resolved, and the appropriate stake-holders are engaged as needed.

By identifying and addressing the potential challenges you can ensure the success of your outsourcing engagement.



Anne Birkmann

Written by Anne Birkmann