Looking to find out more about TaxConnex? What better way than hearing from our founders and partners? Learn from the best by hearing from the ones that built TaxConnex. Over the last couple months, we've been highlighting the Partners of TaxConnex. Next up, our Consulting Practice Leader, Jeff Meigs!

Gain insight into Jeff's career and his plans for our future as well as how sales tax has evolved over the years.

Can you tell me about your career leading up to TaxConnex? 

Upon graduating from NCSU, I joined the NC DOR as an auditor in August of 1990.  I was then approached by Ernst & Young in 1994 to join and launch their Carolinas sales and use tax practice out of Charlotte. Three years into that run, my managing partner transferred to the northeast and I wasn’t thrilled with how things were being managed so I sought another opportunity and landed with General Electric where I managed a team of 15 sales tax specialists who supported the primary GE business throughout the US – this was in south Florida and at the same time I got married. After two years in south Florida, my wife and I (both being from NC) were compelled to move closer to home and start a family.  I then joined KPMG – initially in Raleigh leading the Carolinas sales tax team, then transferred to Atlanta to lead the mid-south sales tax team. I was introduced to TaxPartners (Robert’s former business) in 2000 and led the partnership between KPMG and TaxPartners until being afforded opportunity to join TaxPartners in 2003 in an operations role.  After the sale of TaxPartners to Thomson Reuters in 2005, I stayed involved with the business in a few different capacities before leaving to join up with Robert again at TaxConnex in May 2010.

Can you describe your time here at TaxConnex and how your position has evolved?

I'm primarily responsible for tax technical/consulting support for the business, I did spend some time leading implementations and overseeing practitioners along the way – luckily being replaced in that capacity when Jackie joined the company.  Which has allowed me to settle back into a pure tax technical/consulting role.

What accomplishments/milestones are you most proud of?

Just evolving from a terrible college student (school wasn’t my favorite thing to do) to some level of success while getting to see/experience some really cool things and meet or work with some very impressive people.

What do you hope is in store for the future here at TaxConnex?

I want TaxConnex to not just be relevant or a disruptor in this space – but to be known throughout our industry as the best, if not the biggest, sales tax outsourcer in the world.

What TaxConnex core value means the most to you?

We have core values? 😉 The core values of TaxConnex mirror my own expectations of myself and my colleagues – so I really don’t think about them that often. Instead, I try to operate with a philosophy of “do the right thing every day” – a phrase I adopted from a former boss. I feel this philosophy encompasses all of our values.

What qualities do you think a leader must possess to be successful?

Listening to and really hearing what people are saying. Recognize your strengths and leverage others to cover your weaknesses. If you are a leader – know that you are a combination of influencer and supporter – know when it’s the right time to be one or the other.

Can you name a person who has had a tremendous impact on you in your career?

I can honestly say that every single person I have worked for has influenced me in some way to make me a better person and/or professional. I wouldn’t change a thing relative to the bosses I have had the privilege of supporting throughout my career.   

What is your favorite aspect of your job?

Getting exposed to a plethora of technologies/business concepts that I never knew existed.  

What qualities do you look for when hiring for your team?

  • Independent
  • Confident
  • Realistic
  • Integrity (when no one is looking “do the right thing every day”)

How have you seen sales and use tax change since you've been in this field? And do you think it will continue to change and develop in the years to come?

The single biggest change is economic nexus – which in some ways has altered the landscape relative to consumers use tax – it’s not nearly as common today for my clients to have material consumers use tax exposure as it was prior to Wayfair.  

What do you think makes TaxConnex unique?

We listen/hear what is important to our clients and we adapt to their requirements.  We offer practical advice that considers the client’s objectives in concert with the legal requirements of sales tax.  Every client/engagement is custom and every client need is treated with the same sense of importance and urgency.  We aren’t perfect, but we aren’t happy about it either – we “do the right thing every day”.  


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