Arizona Teases TPT Simplicity…. AGAIN

By Noelle Ard on Thu, Sep 29, 2016 @ 10:06 AM

I believe it was about this same time last year where I could barely contain my excitement…Arizona (AZ) was FINALLY going to roll out their “simplified” return filing process for all locals which would reduce the number of local level returns that would need to be filed, as everything would then be reported and remitted to the state and distributed accordingly.  Then something happened…. or maybe something didn’t happen, regardless, AZ pulled back on their yearlong commitment of making 2016 a more “simplified” filing year, and halted the “TPT Simplicity Project.”

Fast forward to this week, I received an email alert notifying me that TPT Simplification is drawing near, and effective with the January 2017 liability (due February 2017), TPT Simplification will be up and running and ALL locals will be reported and remitted to the State of Arizona via the Transaction Privilege Tax Return. 

So I quickly logged onto the AZ DOR website to check it out! (  The suspense was killing me – could it be?  Like a kid on Christmas morning peeking around the corner to see what Santa left, I clicked on the “What’s New” link with excitement and also a bit of “it’s too good to be true” anxiety.  There it was…


Beginning with your January 2017 TPT return filed in February 2017 TPT return, the Arizona Department of Revenue will be the single point of administration and collection of state, county and municipal transaction privilege tax.

Taxpayers will be able to file and pay for all jurisdictions to the department. This means if you currently report to a self-collecting city (i.e. non-program city), your last return to that city will be your December 2016 return filed in January 2017.

Like Will Ferrell in the blockbuster ELF, I shouted (to myself) SANTA’s COMING!!!!  Arizona haself-2.jpg committed (again) to launching the streamlined reporting and remittance system and I feel like this is it – this could be the real thing this time! 

If you haven’t subscribed to the AZ DOR’s emails, I would recommend it – it gives you all of the details of what’s going on within the AZ DOR without you having to go and “search” for it.  Simply navigate to and enter your email address.



Noelle Ard

Written by Noelle Ard