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ATLANTA, GA - TaxConnex, America’s leading independent provider of sales and use tax outsourcing services, announces the formation of a new LinkedIn group.  The group - Sales Tax Outsourcing – was formed for the purpose of sharing best practices, discussing current trends and gaining better insight into successful tax outsourcing engagements 

“The Sales Tax community is relatively small, so many of us have connections to each other” says Brian Greer TaxConnex Partner and founder of the Sales Tax Outsourcing group.  “The Sales Tax Outsourcing group on LinkedIn is a place online where the sales tax community can meet to network and share ideas.”

“One of the benefits this group is staying ahead of important industry trends.  For example, there is a lot of turmoil in the Sales Tax space right now.  Major vendors are leaving the space or closing service centers - causing significant disruption in the way some businesses are handling their sales tax needs.  This group enables us to connect with others and work through some on this together”, continues Greer.

TaxConnex welcomes all persons interested in sales and use tax to join the conversation at Sales Tax Outsourcing.

Jeff Meigs

Written by Jeff Meigs