VoIP Tax

    TaxConnex provides VoIP tax solutions for new and existing telecom service providers.  Local ISP’s, cable MSO’s, CLEC’s, and even technology providers are all looking to tap into an additional revenue stream.  The barriers to entry are relatively low but don’t be fooled that the ongoing VoIP tax compliance burden is equally as low.

    As more revenue shifts from traditional telephony to VoIP telephony, state and local taxing jurisdictions find their tax base and tax revenues eroding.  To combat this, VoIP service providers should anticipate more and more states formally treating VoIP telephony as a telecommunications service and subjecting it to telecommunications taxes.  This shift will substantially increase the tax compliance burden placed on VoIP providers and often outstrip a company’s in-house expertise and bandwidth.

    VoIP tax compliance doesn’t have to be difficult.  Trust the experts.  Trust TaxConnex.